CBD, also known as cannabidiol, is a popular plant extract taking America and the world by storm. But it’s also causing a ton of information, not all true, to flood the internet. All these different claims can confuse and a turnoff for potential consumers.

Don’t go! We’ve built a page to help sort through the noise and get the facts you need to make an informed decision about our all-natural Flowe CBD.

Keep reading to learn the real deal about our potent hemp extract.

What Exactly is CBD?

CBD is a compound extracted from the hemp plant. The plant has at least 545 compounds, including over 100 cannabinoids similar to CBD. Hemp also contains a rich blend of terpenes, flavonoids, vitamins, minerals, and other essential phytonutrients. We remove the plant chemicals from the flowers and leaves for the most potent, full-spectrum CBD oil.

CBD didn’t always have the love it does today. For years, everyone was focused on THC, which produces a high that’s often unpleasant, and ignoring the potential benefits of CBD. 

Now, millions of people worldwide are using the hemp extract for a variety or beneficial reasons, including as an everyday supplement.


Types of CBD

There are several options for purchasing CBD oil and different ways to use the popular plant-based tinctures.

  • Full-Spectrum CBD Oil: What you see is what you get with a whole plant product. The extraction process carefully preserves all the compounds to provide the best quality. It contains all 545 compounds, including a unique terpene profile, flavonoids, and the hemp plant’s other components.

  • Broad-Spectrum CBD Oil: Some brands offer a broad spectrum product. These remove the THC but keep the other 544 compounds. The problem with this formula is it has to go through another refining process. Every extra processing step takes the product further away from its natural state.

  • Isolate: An isolate is a pure form of CBD. The 99.9% CBD-only extract works for some consumers. However, it goes through multiple processes to refine and remove all the other cannabinoids, terpenes, and remaining plant components.

The Importance of a Full-Spectrum CBD Oil From Flowe

As mentioned, the whole plant option is a better product.

Science agrees. The plant knows best. A 2020 study on the effectiveness of full-spectrum CBD found consumers were more pleased with a whole plant oil product that included a wide range of cannabinoids that share many of the same characteristics, including CBG, THC, CBN, and of course, the CBD. The 545 plant components in hemp work together and rely on each other to provide a more complete supplement. This is called synergy. The broad-spectrum offers less, making it not as effective, and the isolate isn’t synergistic.

Another way to look at it as when you’re making something for dinner and find you’re missing an ingredient. For example, tonight, its homemade mac and cheese, but you don’t have flour. You look everywhere in your kitchen for a substitute, but can’t find something, so you leave it out. Yes, you still end up with macaroni and cheese, but it’s not the same. Even as your family sits down to eat, everyone can tell that the recipe isn’t quite right.

The same goes for CBD.


You can take out a few of the plant’s compounds, but it won’t be the best product available.

THC: The Facts

Yes, as mentioned, there is a small amount of THC in a full-spectrum oil. Our Flowe CBD Oil meets the legal requirements that the 2018 Farm bill set for legalized hemp which is set at a limit of <0.3% THC. 

Why are consumers rushing to CBD products?

Here’s the part you’ve been looking to read.

Scientists know much about the potent plant and compounds. But they’re still researching it. More clinical trials are necessary to fully understand the “benefits” of CBD.

Research can confirm that all mammals have an endocannabinoid system (ECS) that helps regulate all the body’s systems. The body produces endocannabinoids, which are like phytocannabinoids. It also has cannabinoid receptors that are found everywhere from the brain to the skin. The system’s responsible for keeping everything running smoothly. CBD interacts naturally with the ECS and this is where the benefits are to be found.

At Flowe we do our best to stay up to date on the latest research and share it with you!




Finding the Right Potency to Fit Your Needs

Dosing with CBD can be tricky. Every person’s different and the oil doesn’t come with a one-size-fits-all schedule. While we provide a recommended serving, it might be possible to meet all your needs with half the suggested dose. Another user may find they need a bigger serving to achieve the results they want. Another variation is when you’re taking it, some consumers take a larger amount at night before bed, and others prefer a small dose with their morning coffee.

Tinctures are easy to use. Take a few drops under your tongue and hold it for at least 30 seconds. The oil absorbs through the membranes under the tongue and into the bloodstream.

We have two strengths for you to find the right potency.

Choose between 1250mg and 1600mg CBD oil, depending on your needs and budget.


Who Uses Flowe Full-Spectrum 1250MG CBD?

Are you new to hemp products? Our 1250MG extract is perfect for beginners. If you prefer to micro-dose CBD, 1250mg can take you through a few weeks and help you save on multiple shipping charges. Full-spectrum oil contains all of its natural constituents.



Who Uses Flowe Full-Spectrum 1600MG CBD?

Our 1600MG Full-Spectrum Oil is designed for people who want a higher level dosage – or a longer lasting bottle. Full-spectrum oil contains all of its natural constituents.

This information is meant to offer an introduction to Flowe CBD Oils. Scientists are learning more about CBD every day. Additionally, they’re studying all 545 compounds found in the plant. As the experts publish studies and other reports, Flowe is learning too, and passing the vital information off to you, the consumers. But it’s more than just the scientific data. We want to offer everything you need to make the best decision for your wellness!