How To Avoid CBD Scams

The 2018 Farm Bill changed the landscape for CBD sales.

Products are popping up everywhere, from online vendors to local gas stations.

The influx of choices for consumers is both a blessing and a curse.

How do you avoid CBD scams when buying CBD?

Hemp Oil Vs. CBD Oil

A big mistake many people new to the industry make is buying HEMP OIL instead of CBD OIL – they are DIFFERENT. Some brands may use the term hemp oil for advertising purposes to avoid using CBD. However, 9 times out of 10, it’s a hemp seed oil, which doesn’t contain CBD.

Hemp seed oil is made using the oil from compressed seeds from the plant. While hemp seeds are rich in fiber and nutrients, they have no cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, which are the key components of CBD tinctures. The company that’s using the term “hemp oil” should add “hemp plant extract” or something similar on the ingredients. If you don’t see that information, don’t purchase the product.


Avoid “Cheap” CBD

There are some products you can purchase by looking for the lowest price. CBD isn’t one. The price goes up as the potency and amount of processing is involved. For example, a full-spectrum CBD tincture doesn’t go through a second extraction technique to remove the THC while preserving the remaining compounds. The full-spectrum will often be a few dollars cheaper than the broad-spectrum or THC-free extract.

But there is a difference between an inexpensive bottle of CBD oil and a manufacturer’s discount. Brands understand that the hemp extract isn’t cheap. Many will offer discounts for bulk sales, holidays, and other times of the year to help out consumers and boost sales. If you know and use the brand or follow our quick tips below, it’s most likely not a CBD scam, just a company working to increase its customer base.

Beware of Brands that Don’t Follow FDA Guidelines

The FDA caused a stir with many CBD companies after releasing its first set of guidelines in 2019. Before these changes, sales pitches, labeling, and other information about the hemp products were off the wall. Many brands promised their oils could cure diseases, and some went as far as to call it an all-natural miracle treatment.

If the company isn’t following these regulations, they don’t care about the future of their brand or its reputation. Look for a company that pays attention to the FDA and any government requirements to keep their business legal and honest. As these rules change, a reputable business will make the changes to reflect them.

Third-Party Testing & COAs

Although the FDA is reviewing labels, websites, and point of sale locations, they’re not checking the products. There’s no single agency that verifies the safety of hemp extracts. The FDA announced that they would be having a private contractor test a large variety of CBD products from different vendors at the beginning of 2021. Any results will most likely take several months to compile. Brands will still need to complete their own verification process.  Unfortunately, some companies want to save money, so they don’t send their products for independent screenings for potency and contaminants.

Third-party labs aren’t cheap, and they will raise the price of the CBD oil. However, to avoid CBD scams, it’s essential to look for products that show proof of independent reviews. After completing a review, the lab issues a certificate of analysis. It should show detectable levels of pesticides, insecticides, solvents, heavy metals and list any other impurities.

The report also shows the percentage of cannabinoids and terpenes, including any THC. A legal oil in the U.S. must have 0.3% THC or less.


Quick Tips to Avoid CBD scams

There are a few other ways you can ensure success when you buy CBD online.

  1. Know where the hemp is grown
  2. Check for ingredients
  3. Read the COA
  4. Read the reviews
  5. Look for money-back guarantees (Companies that stand behind their brand)

Yes, with any market, you’ll find some people trying to make a fast buck at your expense. But the few don’t represent the many quality sellers that want to help improve your wellness routine. You can buy CBD online safely.

Flowe CBD oil stands behind all our products. Please review our certificate of analysis. We believe in quality and transparency above all else and strive to provide natural, top-shelf CBD oils.