Two Life Long Friends With A Passion For High Quality CBD Products.

“We wanted to come up with a way to share the natural way of healing we found from CBD. Self care is one thing we will not compromise and with all of the added stresses that life has thrown at us this last year we decide we needed Flowe.”



As busy moms, we’re juggling a million things: work, childcare, homemaking, school, relationships, and so much more.

We are always trying to strike the right balance. This year, the world decided to throw yet another curveball at us: COVID-19.

Many moms tend to neglect caring for their own wellness. But when we’re healthier and less stressed, everyone benefits, including our kids. CBD hemp oil is one way we choose to prioritize ourselves.

We understand how intimidating venturing into the world of CBD can be. Some might still consider it taboo, especially in the mom community. We want to educate other women on how CBD oil can benefit their physical and mental wellbeing.

Our goal at Flowe is to make CBD oils and products accessible to moms just like us.

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San Diego became the place where CBD went from an essential part of our routines to an impassioned business venture.

Having used other products on the market we found ourselves wanting more. Without a clear understanding from those companies about the potency, additives and supply chain of their products, we decided to develop one of our own.

Being fortunate enough to live in an area that provides an ideal climate for cultivation we pooled our resources and were able to plant our own hemp plants and nurture them through the entire process from clone to harvest.

It is that care and the California sun that allows us to grow the highest quality hemp and produce, what we believe, is the best natural oils out there.

When creating Flowe, we always wanted to create the kind of company and products that we would want to use, even if we weren’t the owners.

Being transparent about our business practices and the ingredients in our products is always a priority for us.

Our hemp is thoughtfully cultivated and our bottles of CBD are full spectrum which allows the body to take advantage of all of the cannabinoids the plant has to offer. It is our belief that this community of cannabinoids help the body to process all of the benefits.

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“These days can be especially stressful with all the things going on in the world. That is why we use and believe in the healing benefits of hemp, not just for us, but for the planet.

Stacey is from Ohio and is a busy mother of two and a hairstylist. Raising Ford, a beautiful young boy with special needs and Olive an energetic surf loving daughter is what brings the most joy. Stacey can be found at the beach, RV camping with the family or Enjoying her backyard flock of chickens. One day she wants a farm of her own.

Jesse is a mother, and owner of a floral & vintage shop. Running a business comes with many challenges and she credits Flowe CBD oil with her ability to manage the stress and anxiety in both her personal and professional life. Jesse is also an avid thrifter, road-tripper and enjoys stays in Palm Springs and Joshua Tree with her boyfriend and daughter, Billie.

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