Why Is CBD Oil So Expensive?!

CBD oil and other hemp products are all the rage right now.

These items are branching into every industry, from food and drinks to beauty applications. What’s not decreasing are the prices.

As technology is improving, more plants are available, and competition among brands is heating up. But not all products are created equal.

We’re here to shed some light on why the price of CBD is what it is.


Quality Just Costs More. Most Of The Time.

One reason why CBD oil is expensive is quality. Similar to anything you purchase, the price is going to vary. 24K gold is a preference, but 18K is cheaper, and for some, 10k is even more affordable.

The brand that follows all the steps for producing high-quality, responsibly grown CBD oil spends a bulk of its budget on operating costs. To stay in business, they have to pass those costs onto their customers. In return, you get a top-shelf product that you can trust.

Most CBD users agree with this process and are willing to pay a few more dollars for a hand crafted, clean, all-natural and frankly better oil.



The Cost of Breeding and Cultivating CBD-Rich Plants

Hemp cultivation is labor-intensive. Responsibly growing high-quality plants that are all-natural isn’t easy. This is true despite the built-in help from the hemp’s terpenes.

Add to that how relatively new hemp cultivation is in America. Until December of 2018, farmers couldn’t grow it. They couldn’t experiment with different techniques to improve crop yields. Plus, the seeds also matter. It’s taking breeders and brands time to develop CBD-rich plants that grow quickly and handle weather and climate changes from region to region.

Despite some successes, most hemp farms have experienced expensive lessons. One farmer in Indiana reported disappointment in his 2019 crop explained to the South Bend Tribune,

“The plants didn’t get as tall . . . They never canopied, and that created weed problems.”

For 2020, hemp cultivators have fixed many of these problems, but they’re still learning. As farming techniques and technology improves, the quality of CBD products will likely continue to improve even further.


Processing isn’t Cheap

Brands that use the latest technology to extract the compounds safely and efficiently are paying extra to ensure they’re only offering top-quality hemp products. There are a few ways to remove CBD and the other cannabinoids and terpenes from the plants. Not all methods have the same safety measures.

We use an ethanol process that’s effective and doesn’t leave behind residual solvents that are dangerous to ingest. Some brands go for a cheaper method that can change the quality, taste, and flavor. These can also be toxic. It’s essential to pay the extra costs and process hemp safely.


Third-Party Testing

Each brand is responsible for verifying the quality and safety of their own hemp products. Trustworthy brands put their reputation before their wallet and include independent screenings at an accredited lab.

These facilities test for contaminants that can occur during the cultivation and extraction process. The technicians can also verify that the label’s strength is correct and identify other cannabinoids and the terpene profile. Upon the screening’s completion, labs issue a certificate of analysis that all consumers can check on the brands website.

Consumers should avoid any brand that won’t provide proof of third-party testing.

Potency Will Change the Price

Another difference in the cost of CBD oil is the different strengths. Hemp extracts are a concentrated form of phytochemicals found in the plant.

How much CBD per dose depends on the oil’s potency. Some brands offer low-potency oils that seem cheap. A good example is a 500mg tincture.

The $30 to $50 bottle might seem like a deal at first. But most people use between 25mg and 50mg of CBD daily. The 500mg, 30ml container offers 16.6mg per ml of oil. You would need to take about 1.5ml at a minimum. This dose would empty the bottle in about ten days. For a 30-day supply, the 500mg oil will cost $90 to $150.

We offer a 1250mg, 30ml bottle that offers 41.66mg per ml. Depending on your daily dose, the 30ml bottle will last 30 days or longer, in most cases. Flowe CBD oil’s 1250mg oil is $72 per container. Although the 1250mg’s price seems on the high side, when comparing it to the cost of multiple 500mg bottles, you’re saving money. Next, consider shipping costs for one bottle versus three, and you save even more.


Finding the Middle Ground for Quality Hemp and CBD Costs

We understand your concerns about why CBD oil is expensive. If you’re new to CBD and don’t know where to start, we suggest looking at the median prices.

We’ve researched CBD oil prices from top companies. The costs vary from a high-end of $120 for a 30ml bottle to a low-end of $20 for 1,000 to 1,200mg.

At Flowe CBD, we work hard to stay affordable for consumers. Our 1250mg CBD oil is $72. We feel that we offer a great product at a great value.

We reduce the cost to you with minimal advertising and labeling expenses. Instead, this price reflects top quality hemp and a safe and effective ethanol extraction process.

Flowe also guarantees the safety of our oil with independent safety, quality, and potency screenings.



Who Uses Flowe Full-Spectrum 1250MG CBD?

Are you new to hemp products? Our 1250MG extract is perfect for beginners. If you prefer to micro-dose CBD, 1250mg can take you through a few weeks and help you save on multiple shipping charges. Full-spectrum oil contains all of its natural constituents.